About Us

Introduction of HAPO

Hong Kong Association of Professional Organizing (HAPO) was established by active full-time Professional Organizers in Hong Kong. Through education and training, we aim to develop the art of organizing into a local profession with credibility and reputation, and to promote our expertise of professional organizing to the public.

Our missions
  1. To promote the profession of organizing to the locals, aiming at transforming lives from disorganization and creating spaces for a more wholesome and happier life.
  2. To offer training for local Organizing Professionals who are committed to bringing strategies and insights to their clients’ life and personal space management.
  3. To connect individuals and parties with the same visions.
Our visions
  1. We put people first.
  2. We serve our city with our professional organizing knowledge and skills
  3. We value exchanges and collaborations with all local and global Professional Organizers.
President's Message

Hong Kong is a small city with a dense population. With the crammed living spaces, organizational skills become something very important in our daily lives.


It has been six years since we introduced the services of home organizing and decluttering into Hong Kong. I remember the days when the ideas of professional organizing were not known to anybody. Then it has grown into a thriving profession attracting a lot of new blood to join. But still, there has been no professional association for local Professional Organizers. There has not been any course offered which is tailor-made for the local specific needs and living conditions. If people wish to develop their careers in this profession, they might have to take online or overseas courses. Besides, there has not been any channel for local professionals to get any information or help.


Hong Kong is indeed a market with enormous demand for organizing services. I believe interdisciplinary collaboration is what we need if local Professional Organizers hope to offer our best service to the city. I started this project with some co-workers, hoping to promote the profession of organizing and decluttering with our personal experience and knowledge. We hope HAPO can become a channel for experience sharing and collaboration, and also a base for the training and development of local professionals.


Orange Tam

Our Motto: you can be your own professional organizer